Facebook Tip: How to Save Articles on Facebook

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If you are like me, then you check Facebook a lot from your mobile phone – either waiting for your children to finish their after school activity, while bored in the grocery store check out line, or as a bored passenger on a long road trip. It seems like these are also the times when I come across interesting articles and links on my Facebook feed that I would like to read and reference again later. For years I would just take a picture of the sceen or copy and past the URL into a note on my phone, but several months ago Facebook released the ability to save articles and surprisingly a lot of people either don’t know how to do it or didn’t even know the option existed. 

So, I created a little infographic that outlines how you can save interesting articles and links that run through your Facebook newsfeed. It’s a handy tool and one I wish they had years ago! Should you have any questions about how to do this, please contact meor follow me on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/VirtualOfficeResources

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