How Outsourcing Can Reveal Your Creative Genius

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June 12, 2015
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I have been a virtual assistant for nearly three years and in that time I have worked with many talented business owners who have hired me to write their online and marketing content, including blog posts, web content and even guest posts, not just because they lack the time as busy business owners, but because they feel they are not creative enough to write a word of their own content.

In most cases, this is simply not true.

Within months of working with many business owners I often notice just how creative they are, and sometimes (if they are lucky) they see it too! You see, because it is impossible to be proficient in every field of business I often turn to my clients for topic ideas. It is often in these brainstorming sessions that they start to realize that they can think of interesting topics that people want to read about and that their good ideas (that they previously thought were far and few in between) are actually great ideas, and there are many of them!

I love witnessing a business owner realize that their ideas are not only great, but that the ideas will come into fruition despite having no time to do them (that’s where I come into action). Part of being a content writer is taking the ideas given to me by a business owner and turning them into 500+ word blog posts or articles.

Outsourcing your content writing means taking the pressure to write well off of yourself. It also means you have someone to bounce ideas off of and to turn an otherwise simple thought into a full-blown article.

I have many clients who habitually send me a brief email with blog post ideas as they think of them or as they have experienced, read or seen something relevant to their business. Let your virtual assistant be your notepad and sounding board. If they are organized they will be able to take your ideas and run with them when the time is right. By sharing your ideas with your virtual assistant you just may start to see how creative you really are!

Outsourcing your writing responsibilities means freeing your creativity from being suppressed by time and overwhelm.

Of course, other than bringing out your creativity, hiring a virtual assistant for content writing has many other benefits as well. A trained and experienced content writer can ensure you are reaching your audience with clear and consistent messaging, can make sure your posts are search engine optimized, and can free up time so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

So, what are you waiting for? That blog post idea that you have been thinking about for weeks isn’t going to write itself! Contact me and let’s chat!