Tracy Noble, principal Online Marketer and Content Writer at Virtual Office Resources, has worked in the communication and marketing industry for over fifteen years.

But before that – way before that – she played Pong on her Commodore VIC-20 with her brother and spent her summers in her homemade fort in the woods behind her home in Northern Ontario, writing stories and poems for family and friends.
  • At the age of 15

    she had her first short story published in the Canadian teen publication WHAT! A Magazine. The story was an unforgettable piece (to her, at least) about an old man dropping his dentures from his apartment balcony.
  • Tracy continues to foster (and build)

    her love of writing through article and content writing, blogging and short story writing. She is also a ghostwriter creating online content, articles, books and whatever else helps flex her creative muscles. She enjoys being a “behind-the–scenes” person and watching her words work their magic for businesses and non-profit organizations.
  • Her writing skills complement her love of marketing and communication;

    an interest that emerged while working at the Ottawa Citizen while she completed her degree in English and Communication from the University of Ottawa.
  • After her daughter was born,

    she started freelancing and then started her own business with a focus on helping business owners and non-profit organizations communicate effectively.
  • When Tracy is not working

    she can be found embracing the tenets of bad dog ownership by allowing her playful Australian Shepherd to herd her on their morning walks together; playing with her two adopted cats; having coffee or wine with her husband and best friend of 17 years, or spending time with her humourous, equestrian-obsessed daughter.

Tracy has a knack for enhancing the readability and “share factor” of blog posts, articles, newsletters, general web content, status updates, and tweets.

Are you in search of a fractional communication or marketing professional for your business that you can rely on long term as well as day-to-day?



  • Jon Loomer
    The day Tracy started working on my team was the day that my business changed. She is self-motivated, professional, independent, insanely detail-oriented, organized, solves problems, takes obvious pride in her work, and goes above and beyond to make sure that everything runs smoothly and properly. I can't say enough about her quality of work.
    Jon Loomer
    Owner and Facebook Marketing Strategist, Jon Loomer Digital
  • Karen Wilson
    I’m a marketer who knows the value of getting help with marketing. (Hint: it’s 100x more valuable than you're probably thinking.) It’s not an easy job to do if you’re on your own. Working with Virtual Office Resources has helped me keep things going, refine processes, and stay on track in growing my business without having to worry about managing my regular marketing tasks and setup. I can think up big, ambitious projects and know that I’ve got a talented, engaged team who will help me make it all happen.
    Karen Wilson
    Owner and Marketing Consultant, Karen C. Wilson Consulting
  • Shari Black
    Tracy works diligently behind the scenes, seemingly always at least one to two steps ahead of us offering additional value.  She has been providing all of our social media marketing and messaging for over a year and whenever we need her in any additional ways, her administrative and marketing skills are moving the Ottawa Safety Council forward.  I can’t believe how much she has modernized our marketing and administration.  There are countless times that I have passed an item or a question over to Tracy and she has returned with a thoroughly researched, documented recommendation, process, program outline or system.  She connects with our organization and believes in our mandate.  This translates so well to her ability to write blogs, social media posts etc from our perspective.  Her social media planning and insight have helped us grow our followers and “likes” more in a single year than in the proceeding four.  For years, we had looked for a full-time employee or consultant for marketing and administrative support and here we are, more than pleased working with Tracy.
    Shari Black
    CEO, Ottawa Safety Council
  • Madeline Dietrich M.A.
    I met Tracy Noble of Virtual Office Resources two and half years ago when I was just beginning my new venture. I knew I wouldn't be able to meet my business goals without help. It’s been a great collaboration. Tracy is efficient, skilful, resourceful and such a lovely, steady person to work with. We've only meet in person a couple of times, but I hold her as my right hand support person, who never fails to keep me on track; a real gem for the small business owner.
  • Melanie Taljaard
    Always a pleasure to work with Tracy.  Her work is always done professionally and efficiently and she is easy to work with.  I have been able to grow my businesses in ways I don’t think would have been possible without her support.  I would highly recommend Tracy, you won’t be disappointed.
    Melanie Taljaard
    CEO, Facilitator and Strategist, More In Store Marketing
  • Megan Cornell
    Tracy and Virtual Office Resources worked with us for six months at a critical period of growth for our business. Tracy helped get us on a regular posting schedule for our social media messaging, implemented our digital messaging plan and worked as a vital part of our outsourced marketing team. Tracy was professional, accommodating and a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend Tracy and Virtual Office Resources for outsourced services.
  • Kyra Mansfield
    ...My email marketing would not happen so successfully without Tracy. She has a kind way of keeping me on track and instilling inspiration when it's lacking in me. Incredibly speedy, she gets it done FAST! I sincerely appreciate everything she does to help me! Whatever obstacles I present, she always helps me hurtle over them.
  • Megan O’Neill
    Tracy is a fantastic and indispensable member of my team. She is conscientious, hard working and just a wonderful all around person in additional to being an excellent V.A. I recommend her all the time to friends and entrepreneurs who are looking for assistance in growing their business.
    Megan O’Neill
    Certified Core Belief Engineering Practitioner,
  • Lara Wellman
    Tracy has been an amazing find for my business. She not only creates incredible content in a timely fashion, she understands what I’m trying to achieve and is able to take general ideas and run with them. I rely on her heavily to keep my business running. I couldn't recommend her more!
    Lara Wellman
    Certified Business Coach, The Biz Studio