Avoiding a Content Slump

Importance of Email Marketing
The Importance of Email Marketing
May 22, 2019
What is your CTA_
What’s your CTA?
September 1, 2019

The summer months are often a slower time for businesses (unless of course your business is seasonal and summer is your business). And while this usually means business owners have more time for creating content, it also means some business owners are enjoying some much-deserved downtime and simply don’t feel like writing. Luckily, all business owners can avoid a content slump!

Two of the top services I offer clients are content writing and social media management. I love creating new content, but I always remind clients that blog posts and emails do not have to be for one-time use. I have years’ worth of content on my website – as do many other business owners. This content, even if it’s several years old, can often still be promoted, broken down into other kinds of content, or referenced.

Of course, things are continually changing in business, especially if you are in the digital marketing business. But, not all content is created the same, so if you do decide to recycle content to avoid a content slump, here are some tips:

Create evergreen blog posts

Depending on your industry, creating evergreen content isn’t always possible. If it is possible, it is helpful to develop some timeless content, such as general vacation posts or general business tips that are applicable now and in the future.

When writing blog posts, take note to avoid pop culture references as well as anything else that may make your blog post appear old and outdated.

Create easily editable blog posts

If your specialty is social media, then writing time-relevant content is essential. If, for example, you write blog posts on Facebook’s newest features in ads manager, write the post so that it can be easily edited. For example, outline the latest features in point form so that you can quickly identify, read and update what needs to be changed to make the post relevant and sharable in the future.

You could also use the point form list to create separate blog posts, especially if the content is in depth, and the blog post is quite lengthy. Topics, such as Facebook’s ads manager, have a lot of components and can usually be broken down into smaller, more readable chunks of content.

Repurposing blog posts

If you read an old blog post and find it lacks value, then add new value by turning it into another piece of content, such as a Facebook Live, podcast or Instagram Story.

If the blog post is lengthy and has high conversions, then this may be a good piece of content to turn into a webinar or presentation. These posts have a lot of content to work with and your audience wants to learn more!

Create infographics and images

Visuals play a significant role in online marketing, yet so much content is still copy-based! Turning existing content into infographics and visuals is not only visually appealing and can make content easier to read and digest, but they can also make for exceptional downloadable opt-in items!

Creating visuals has never been easier thanks to numerous easy-to-use online graphics tools.

Whatever approach you take to recycling old content, remember to refreshen it by adding new value or changing things up a bit. You should also pay attention to the medium you are posting to and make sure it is suitable for that platform. The idea is to repurpose old content into something that will catch the eyes of new clients or let current clients know of new ways they can work or buy from you!

If you lack the time or desire to riffle through your old content to repurpose and reuse it, a virtual assistant can help! If you’re looking at outsourcing, contact us and let’s see if we can help you avoid a content slump!