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January 11, 2018
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If you’re not familiar with Instagram Stories, it’s a feature on Instagram that lets users post photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Users also have the option of ‘highlighting’ a story into a saved feature that is highlighted at the top of your profile called, ‘Story Highlights.’

If you currently use Instagram, but have yet to dive into the world of Instagram Stories for business, here’s why you should:

Diversify your marketing

If you’re already using Instagram for business then using Stories is a great way to shake things up. You can create polls within Stories to ask your audience what they think of a new product or to discover what they think your next event/sale/live video should be. You can also add GIFs to enhance your story and make them fun.

You can also tag relevant people and use hashtags to connect with new followers.

Stay top of mind

Instagram Stories are at the top of the ‘Home’ screen on Instagram, and as long as you keep adding to your ‘story,’ it will remain top of mind for your followers. With each new story, your profile picture is also highlighted with an Instagram-coloured circle letting those visiting your profile know you have a new story. With Instagram’s algorithms constantly changing, Instagram Stories keeps you engaged with your audience and let’s you be seen more often – keeping you top of mind.

Engage “real time”

Instagram Stories are a great way to share something immediate – whether it is unboxing new products in a store, getting ready to speak at an event or even if you just learned something new that you think your audience should know about. Stories disappear in 24 hours, so if it isn’t something that will be relevant long term, it’s a great place for this marketing piece to live. And if it is a Story that may need a little longer of a shelf life then you can add it to a “Story Highlight”. This is where you can keep your favourite stories on your profile – perfect for seasonal or timely stories, i.e. a seasonal collection of clothing/shoes or the days leading up to an event or conference.

By showing people ‘what you’re working on’, and giving them ‘sneak peaks’ of what’s happening behind the scenes, you are giving your audience a sense of exclusivity and building excitement.

Stories are Reusable

You can download your stories – so, if after adding stickers and GIFs you decide you want to post it elsewhere, such as on Facebook, you can simply download your story to your phone and share it elsewhere!

Enhance current marketing

Instagram Stories are a great way to enhance your current Instagram marketing strategy because they only add to what your audience is already familiar with (and why they follow you) on Instagram. Stories make your audience feel valued and strengthen your connectivity and relationship with them. Keeping your Stories up to date and active is another way of ‘showing up’ for audience.

A social media virtual assistant can help you enhance your business’ Instagram presence and teach you how to use Instagram Stories effectively – contact VOR to find out more!