Where to Look to Learn More About Facebook Marketing

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November 15, 2016
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May 2, 2017

Facebook’s high number of users (over a billion!) means there is more power there than any other social media channel. And while it offers a huge opportunity to promote your business, you need to learn how to effectively harness the power of Facebook to advertise effectively.

Before thinking about advertising on Facebook take a good look at your business page and consider the following:

  1. Do you have an easily recognizable profile picture?
  2. Is your branding consistent with your other social media platforms?
  3. Is your message (i.e. what it is you sell or what it is your business does) clear?
  4. Are you taking advantage of the “About” section by including key details about your business?

Maximizing the use of even the simplest of tools can go a long way in helping your marketing efforts make an impact. For example, consider the photos you are using. Consumers are getting tired of stock photos and are drawn to images that are more interesting and engaging. It is also possible to include marketing messages in your cover photo, as long as it complies with Facebook’s guidelines.

Likewise, keeping your “About” section updated and relevant can drive consumers to your website or to contact you. Completing this section of your Page helps also with SEO and will help your page get found online! Take advantage of this opportunity for potential clients to learn as much about your business as possible.

Make sure to also activate your page’s call-to-action (CTA) button. This is your opportunity to build your mailing list by encouraging your audience to “learn more,” “sign up now” or “call now!”

Where to look to learn more about Facebook Marketing

While many people claim to know Facebook marketing, there are a few tried and trusted Facebook gurus who focus on helping businesses advertise and market on Facebook either through courses, resources or one-on-one consultations. Taking advantage of the opportunity to learn from these experts can help your marketing efforts to be more effective.

Jon Loomer

If you are looking to learn and use Facebook’s advertising tools, such as Power Editor, more effectively, as well as find out how to become a more advanced Facebook marketer with the tools available, Jon’s Power Hitters Club offers weekly webinars, a private Facebook community and more. Jon also has a “Pubcast” where he discusses entrepreneurship, Facebook marketing and more!

Amy Porterfield

I love listening to Amy’s “Marketing Made Easy” Podcast. She not only shares tidbits of information about Facebook marketing, but also about online marketing, LeadPages and a variety of other marketing related topics. Amy also offers courses and many other resources.

Mari Smith

Listed as a Forbes Top Social Media Power Influencer, Mari Smith is a well know Facebook marketing expert. Mari’s website has a blog, Facebook tips and a variety of social media marketing resources. I enjoy her more casual approach to her Facebook page and her fun use of filters. If there is an interesting add-on or app that you can use on Facebook, Mari knows about it.

Kim Garst

Boom! Social is the brainchild Kim Garst created to help business owners to have selling on social media made simple. Her business is all about training the entrepreneur to use social media. She delves into how to use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. I find Kim uses Facebook Live a lot to let people know about new and fun tools, which is convenient and quick way to get the low down (while still doing other work).

There are many reliable online sources you can turn to stay up to date on the latest Facebook marketing trends, changes and improvements. Social Media Examiner and Tech Crunch are two of my go-to online sources for all things social media, and while it can be difficult to stay abreast of it all the time, following these pages on Facebook (and turning on notifications for when the go live) can help you catch the latest as it happens, so you can learn more about it later.