How a Virtual Assistant Can Get your Business Ready for the Holidays

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The holidays are upon us and there is plenty to be done. Your business doesn’t stop just because it’s the holiday season – in fact for some businesses, the holiday season is their busy season! If you want to relax and enjoy the holidays and head into the new year rejuvenated, take advantage of a virtual assistant’s skills to alleviate some of your stress.

While every virtual assistant specializes in different areas, I guarantee there is a virtual assistant out there willing to help you with several (if not all) of the below mentioned tasks. So this year, forget about the 12 Days of Christmas and consider 12 ways your virtual assistant (VA) can help your business get ready for the holidays.

Holiday Preparation

1. Holiday Cards

This is a digital age and there are numerous online greeting card systems available for personal and professional use. A VA can manage address lists and send out e-cards to clients, subcontractors, employees and whoever else has supported and helped your business this past year.

For a more personal touch, you should consider mailing cards. Your VA can order printed cards or even purchase cards to be addressed by hand. Also consider having a VA to respond to cards you receive or to enter their information into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software so no one is left off your Christmas list.

2. Purchasing Corporate Gifts

Do you give gifts to your employees, subcontractors or most valued clients? Have your VA research, purchase and send these gifts or gift cards for you.

3. Party and Event Planning

If your have a business that plans holiday parties put your VA to work! An event planning VA can find a great venue, send invites and track RSVPs along with dealing with all the other details. That leaves you to be a more gracious and relaxed host.

4. Networking Events

The holidays can be a great time to make new business contacts. A VA can research events happening in your area and determine which ones would be most beneficial for you to attend.

Online Planning

5. E-mail Management

Get your VA to tackle your crazy inbox and keep it under control while you focus on other tasks. They can also set your out of office message for you and maybe even check your email for you while you are away during the holiday season.

6. Social Media Management

With the help of your VA, create an online holiday promotion that works well with your business. A last minute promotion on Facebook or Instagram can have great results. A social media VA can also schedule your social media updates to publish throughout the holiday season.

7. Holiday Branding / Images

A graphic design VA or a VA that knows how to create online images can create holiday images for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years and more! Have your VA create them and either schedule them to publish on the appropriate dates or save them in a shared drive for easy access when you need them.

8. Website

Don’t let your website be an afterthought during this busy time of year. Be sure it stays updated with any promotions you are currently offering or anything you are planning for the first quarter of the new year. Make sure all copywright information is updated to reflect the upcoming year and all links are working. The holiday season is the perfect time to conduct an online audit of your website!

Administrative Tasks

9. Get ready for Tax Season

Organize your receipts – tax season is coming! A bookkeeping VA can organize your receipts and prepare a spreadsheet of income and expenses to get you ready for tax preparations. Get it done early to avoid stressing over it later.

10. Schedule / Calendar Management

Get a jump on next year by asking your VA to help get reminders set up for important dates and red letter days. The list of events could include birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, conferences or other important dates.

11. Online Strategizing and Planning

Looking at doing more on Facebook next year? Maybe setting up Instagram account? Consistency is the key with online marketing and having a plan is what puts it all together. Your VA can create an online marketing calendar and assist with executing this plan.

12. New Years Resolutions

Feeling overwhelmed or bogged down by all the tasks? Resolve to do better in the new year! Virtual assistants are experts in multi-tasking and organizing. Simplify by having someone else do those tasks for you. Why not ask your VA to create a list of all their assests and skills that you can use in the new year to reach your business goals?

Hiring a virtual assistant can help you to maximize your productivity while you enjoy the holiday season. Contact me for more details!