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June 21, 2018
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IGTV stands for Instagram Television. It’s Instagram’s latest feature and is used to post and view longer videos on Instagram. Unlike traditional television, there are no channels; rather the creator of the video is the “channel.”

How IGTV is different

IGTV plays full-screen, vertical video – the way people typically view and shoot videos on their phones. At the moment, Facebook is optimized for horizontal videos.

Instagram Stories are up to 15-seconds in length and filmed through the Instagram app or uploaded to Stories. IGTV allows 10-minute long videos, and influencers with large followings (10K and over) can publish videos up to one-hour in length. You can also view IGTV from a desktop.

IGTV for a small business

If you already publish Instagram Stories and get a good response from your followers, definitely try out IGTV!

If you don’t use Instagram Stories yet, what are you waiting for? With polls, stickers and other fun features, Instagram Stories can be a quick and engaging way to connect with your audience. If you find you are posting consistently and receiving good uptake with Stories then move on to longer-form video.

Small Business content ideas for longer-form video

As with all social media, taking the time to figure out your target audience as well as creating a content calendar, will not only save you time, but will also ensure you produce quality content on a consistent basis.


If you’re in retail, IGTV is a great platform to unveil new inventory. Customers love being able to see new merchandise before it officially hits the sales floor. It’s a great way to build excitement over new products, sales and events.


Restaurants can record chefs plating that day’s special or interview wait staff asking their favourite dishes and desserts for kids and adults. People love behind the scenes videos and a restaurant is typically one-place customers rarely get a behind the scenes peek.

Creative Businesses 

Those who work in a creative business, such as interior design, can do a time lapse of a new design project or take their audience with them while they shop. Share with them why certain materials, patterns, furniture, etc. were selected. Get them involved by asking which item they prefer.

Those in the fine arts can film their creative process. Potters, painters and sculputors can film various stages of a new piece from start to finish. Writers can share tidbits of information regarding a new article or story – including frustrations. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and be real! The more open you are, the more relatable you become and the more connected you are to your audience.

Office Environment

If you work in an office environment, showcase what a typical day looks like by interviewing employees, giving a tour of the office, showing the cafeteria, etc. Show people what’s in your office – and why! Make it fun and make it personable.

Similar to Instagram Stories, IGTV is a business’ chance to engage with their audience and show them things they wouldn’t otherwise see. Business owners and staff can share behind-the-scenes stories, ask questions, host contests, and so much more! They key is to be creative, consistent and if something isn’t working – don’t be afraid to re-evaluate and change things up.

Whether you’re new to Instagram or looking to increase and improve your presence and content, a social media virtual assistant or online business manager can help! A virtual assistant can not only create a content plan for IGTV, but help in the production, creation and management of it. For more information, contact VOR today!