What is a Virtual Assistant Ghostwriter?

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What is a ghostwriter?

Simply put, a ghostwriter is someone who writes something for someone else who is named as the author. I am a ghostwriter. Ghostwriting is actually how I got my start as a virtual assistant because a lot of the ghostwriting I do now is for online content such as blogs and articles.

Who hires a ghostwriter?

I don’t “kiss and tell,” which means I won’t reveal who I write for or what I write about. I can tell you that ghostwriting has given me valuable insight into careers, hobbies and subjects I had no previous knowledge of. Any business or entrepreneur with a strong online presence may hire ghostwriters to maintain their online content, including their blogs and social media accounts. These businesses can range from artisans to zoologists!

Fellow writers also hire ghostwriters. How do you think James Patterson gets all those novels published in such a short span of time? And no, I don’t ghostwrite for him.

Why hire a ghostwriter?

Hiring a ghostwriter means taking the guess work out of how you will produce content for your website on a regular basis. It also means you will have fresh, relevant content for new visitors to your website, which proves to them that you are indeed an expert in your field and that what you have to say is timely and not outdated.

You might also want to hire a ghostwriter because you are a thought leader in your field, but don’t have the desire, skill, or time to write a book about it – even though you really want or need to.

What is one advantage of hiring a ghostwriter?

As I mentioned, learning new things is definitely the best part of ghostwriting for me. For my clients, the best part of ghostwriting is not having to worry about how their editorial calendar will get filled each day, week or month.

A good ghostwriter, such as myself, will take the content ideas you give them and use their own creativity, resources and knowledge to write something you would have written yourself. Hiring a ghostwriter gives you back the time you need to focus on your genius work so you can make money and be successful!

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