Top Three Reasons Taking a Vacation is Good for Business

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February 18, 2016
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If you are self-employed or a business owner then you understand that taking time off and stepping away from your business for more than a day can be very difficult. Taking a vacation can be a lot of work and the planning involved in actually being able to relax while away can simply be too stressful.

I recently took a 10-day vacation to Florida with my family. Undeniably the time leading up to departure was stressful as I tried to ensure all of my clients were taken care of and aware that I would be away (but admittedly, I am never fully unplugged). I am always reluctant to take a vacation, but I also know it is important.

Taking a vacation can be a difficult decision and may seem like a good idea until the departure date creeps closer and your to-do list just seems to get longer and longer, but regardless of what it takes, stepping away from your business for a vacation is imperative. Why? Here are three reasons taking a vacation is good for business:

1) Increases productivity – this might seem counter intuitive, but taking time away from your business actually gives you some time to think about your business and work on your business while you are not working in your business. When you are stuck in your business’ everyday tasks you can easily miss areas for improvement and growth. But daydreaming about your business’ future while relaxing on a beach may actually spur creative thoughts that in the end increase your productivity, stimulate growth and increase revenue.

2) Improves mood – Vacations almost always put people in a great mood. Vacations make people happy! What is not to love about being away from home, relaxing, seeing a new place, exploring, eating food someone else has cooked for you, and spending time with those you love? In addition to improving your mood, you never know what you may learn from these experiences and how you may be able to apply it to your business.

3) Good for your health – being a business owner is undoubtedly stressful and stress is known to increase a person’s risk of heart disease. While daily exercise and a healthy lifestyle can circumvent this risk, so can taking regular vacations. Business owners are prone to chronic stress, so why not take care of yourself by giving yourself permission to take regular vacations – after all, if you are your business you need to take care of yourself in order to ensure your business is taken care of! A vacation gives your body and mind much needed (and much deserved) rest.

If you find yourself stressing about what will happen to your business while you are on vacation consider hiring a virtual assistant. An administrative virtual assistant will be able to help you manage your email while away, a social media virtual assistant will be able to manage your social media, and a digital marketing virtual assistant will be able to manage your email newsletters! And many virtual assistants offer all of these tasks and more! For more information on how to find the right VA for your business, click here.