Optimize your Summer by Outsourcing

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For some business owners, the onslaught of summer can mean a slower season with time to focus on their business and time to enjoy some much-needed rest. For other business owners, their to-do list is still a mile-long and business continues as usual. The good news is, even busy business owners can make a summer holiday a reality by effectively delegating tasks to their virtual assistant (VA). Whether you are already working with a virtual assistant or looking to add another VA to your team, here is how you can optimize your summer with the help of a virtual assistant:


Many virtual assistants offer research services. You can optimize a virtual assistant’s research skills by asking them to conduct research that will benefit your business. This could include: checking out industry trends, researching and compiling speaking opportunities, looking for relevant podcasts spots, as well as checking in on your competition.

Research could also be for new tools you have thought about using for your business. These tools could include: project management software or a new email marketing program. Summer is a great time to research, test and implement new business tools with your virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant can research whatever it is you want to know so you’re ready to go with whatever resources you need to get a solid start when your busy season returns.

Social Media Management

A virtual assistant specializing in social media is best used during the summer to ensure your social media channels don’t go dark while you’re on vacation. Instead of ignoring your social channels, hire a virtual assistant to update your social media while you’re away. This can mean posting pre-written content, helping you create content, as well as having them schedule the content and answer any questions or concerns that may come in via social media during the summer months.

You can also ask your virtual assistant to conduct a social media audit to ensure your profiles and associated links are up to date and relevant.

This may also be a good time to have your virtual assistant reassess your social media presence to see where you should be spending more or less of your time online.

Content Creation 

Do you have ideas for blog posts, but don’t have the time or desire to write them during the summer months? Chat with your virtual assistant about a content calendar and ask if they can help you write, edit and/or post the blog posts.

Email Marketing

Don’t neglect your mailing list just because you’re headed to the cottage for most of the summer! Have your virtual assistant work with you to create a schedule of ready-to-send emails for your email list. They don’t have to be long and could be as simple as a quick summary of your most popular blog posts! Be creative and work with your virtual assistant to create messaging that is in line with your business goals yet engaging for your readers.

Business Planning

Summer may allow for some downtime that you can use to examine your business goals and get things lined up for your busy time. If you have worked with the same virtual assistant for a few months or more, they may be able to assist you with your business planning and can help to keep you organized and complete some of the tasks too.

Summer is a short season – especially in Canada. Relax, enjoy the summer, maybe take a vacation, and optimize your summer with the help of a virtual assistant.

TIP: Since mid-to-late summer tend to be the slowest time for many businesses, introduce your business to a virtual assistant ahead of time so they can get up to speed you business processes.