Marketing in Uncertain Times

What is your CTA_
What’s your CTA?
September 1, 2019
Building an Efficient Social Media Presence
Building an Efficient Social Media Presence
September 2, 2020

Our world is changing daily, and because of that, it’s no surprise that many business owners have shifted their marketing priorities. Many businesses are focusing more on live video, promoting virtual events, increasing their overall social media presence, and publishing more web content. Sales may be down, but marketing is up. However, the question of what to market during uncertain times prevents many business owners from moving forward with any marketing at all. The good news is, marketing in uncertain times does not have to be difficult.

Be empathetic

Take a walk in your customers’ shoes to understand what their experience is during this uncertain time. Think about how you can better help and serve them right now. When you’re marketing your services or products, drop the sales pitch and enhance the human-side of your marketing by empathizing with your customer’s feelings and understanding that you too see how the world has changed and know how it may be affecting them.

“Empathy is feeling with people.”
– Brené Brown

One way you can show empathy in your marketing is to show your customers how you understand how frustrating this time can be and then providing tips or resources on how to help them feel less frustrated. While these tips and resources might be your own, it is okay to share third party resources as well. The idea is to show your audience that they’re not alone in what they’re feeling and experiencing and that you can help.

Be Intentional

Before sharing a trending meme, make sure it is timely, relevant to your audience as well as to your overall marketing objectives. If you’re looking to grow your audience, you need to be specific with what you want to achieve with your marketing. For example, what is one measurable goal you have for your marketing? Is it to sign on five new clients in four weeks? Is it a specific dollar amount in sales? Think of defined objectives that should guide your marketing efforts.

Be conversational

During uncertain times it is important to be there for your clients. This means being conversational on social media and to stop thinking of social media as a broadcasting tool. Be online more, answer people’s questions, comment on their social media, share posts from other businesses in your industry or community, and be available in whatever way you can, whether that is online, email or even by phone.

Be Realistic

Read the room. If people are not investing in businesses, products and services, then you may want to stop running ads and make sure your content is not salesy and insensitive to what is happening in the world. You may also want to stop scheduling social media in advance and instead focus on day-to-day marketing based on what is happening and addressing how you can help your audience based on that.

You may also want to lower your sales objectives and adjust your marketing goals to reflect the changes in the marketplace. Things happen and it’s important to be open to new circumstances and adjust your business plans accordingly.

Be planning for the future

Regardless of what is happening locally or globally, marketing is never a static activity and is always evolving. While you are working on your marketing during times of uncertainty, plan ahead to see what your marketing should look like when things settle down. What works well with your audience? What isn’t working? Where should you be focusing your marketing efforts? Should you be writing more blog posts or creating more videos?

Not every entrepreneur or business person is a good marketer. This is why it’s important to find marketers that you trust to help you get your message out and grow your business. Finding marketers that understand and who are vested in your business by sharing the same desire to grow your business as you do is a step in the right direction. Book a free consultation and see if we would work well together.